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Hassle Free Use

Out managed approach allows you to easily set up new campaigns and monitor the progress of existing ones. We work with you to make all parts of the process simple and quick.


Annually sending and receiving millions of messages, our platform can handle any scale of organization. Whether you need to talk to 1 or 100,000 people, our solutions enable, track and optimize those opportunities.


The Pulse Platform is completely developed and owned by Pulse. This allows us to independently and quickly respond to customer feedback and feature requests as well as ensure the compliance and security that is required by our clients.

Qualified Leads

Our multi-question approach qualifies leads to capture all information necessary for a successful follow up. Capturing the prospect’s cell phone number is the most reliable contact point for prospects.

In-Depth Reporting

Capturing a variety of data points from name and zip code to advertising campaign and time of day.  Our system provides robust and customizable reports through our online interface or sent directly to your CRM platform.

Improved Retention

Our system is proven to expand lead opportunities not just shift respondents to a new channel. Similarly, our process and communications are proven to nurture leads to become students and students to become graduates.

We partner with our clients to manage their mobile lead generation and text communications.  With our turnkey, managed service we work with clients and their agencies to create mobile solutions to their lead and retention challenges.

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