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Do you maintain our opt ins and opt outs

Yes , the Pulse Platform maintains your subscriber list.  Starting with obtaining, with timestamp, the person’s Express Written Consent and continuing with all text communications with that person through when or if the person opts out, we track and archive all text communications.  Results can be searched and exported through our online interface or through a real-time web services connection to your CRM.

How easy it for someone to opt out of receiving messages?

Extremely.   We exceed industry best practices and regulations for recognizing a person’s desire to unsubscribe from future communications.   The Pulse platform recognizes direct opt out commands (STOP, END, UNSUBSCRIBE) as well as conversational and slang expressions (“Please don’t text me”, “Wrong Number”).

Can my advisors have one-to-one conversations with students and prospects?

Yes, and the conversations are all captured in our search and auditable platform.  Whether we are connecting with your chat service team to enable our unique text-to-chat feature; or enabling your advisors to interact with prospects and students via text, The Pulse platform has proven solutions to have meaningful and productive, one-on-one text conversations with students and prospects.

Do we have to lease our own short code?

No, you can use one of our shared short codes.  If you decide to lease your own short code, Pulse can handle all the provisioning services for you to ensure it is approved and in production with all the carriers as soon as possible.

What type of reporting capabilities do you have?

Pulse offer many reporting and tracking options.  We can connect with your CRM system via web services so text leads and communications are sent seamlessly into your existing processes.  Or, you can log into our online reporting platform to see communications in real time.  Finally, all our campaign services are fully supported by automated email notifications and reports that can be delivered as they happen or at regular intervals.